The Shocking Footage of Trump Assassination in NYC’s ‘Shakespeare in The Park’-Sponsors Finally Pull Out

Delta, Bank of America drop sponsorship of Shakespeare in the Park over ‘Julius Caesar’ stunt that shows Trump assassination

VIDEO of Trump Assassination in The Park

Delta Airlines and Bank of America pulled out of their sponsorship of New York’s Public Theater on Sunday over a production of “Julius Caesar” that reimagines the main character as President Trump.

Shortly after Delta, who was a four-year sponsor, made its announcement, Bank of America yanked its support as well.

The Shakespeare in the Park play tells the story of the leader assassinated by Roman senators over the fear that he’s becoming too tyrannical, but rather than the original setting, the production stages Caesar (Gregg Henry) and his wife, Calpurnia, (Tina Benko) with Donald and Melania Trump lookalikes.

Henry, who already played a Trump stand-in on “Scandal” last year, models his Caesar almost perfectly after the man in the Oval Office. He meets his end after being stabbed to death by women and minorities on stage.

The show does include a warning about the violent nature of the assassination. On The Public Theater’s website, artistic director Oskar Eustis said the production should not be taken literally.

“Julius Caesar can be read as a warning parable to those who try to fight for democracy by undemocratic means,” he said. “To fight the tyrant does not mean imitating him.”

In a statement to WPIX 11, he said “anyone seeing our production of ‘Julius Caesar’ will realize it in no way advocates violence towards anyone.”

Eustis previously told The News that President Trump was more than welcome to see his shows, including “Hamilton,” which debuted at The Public Theater in February 2015 and moved to Broadway’s Richard Rodgers Theatre the following August.

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