Shocking VIDEO: Before dying 2 hours from the nearest public road, with no security detail… Scalia said Obama spying on SCOTUS!

Andrew Napolitano opened up on the fact that the Obama administration was spying on the US Supreme Court. Judge Napolitano mentioned a conversation he had with Justice Scalia prior to his demise.

Scalia told Napolitano that he frequently had a feeling the court was being watched. Not to mention he confided in Napolitano probably four or five years ago…If they had to reveal Senator Paul’s name to open up a conversation he was having with a foreign diplomat and the foreign agent was harmful to the United States they have cause to do that. That’s not what he’s talking about. They’re talking about unmasking him when he’s having a conversation with his campaign manager when he’s running in the Republican primary.

During the revelation, Judge Napolitano also stated Barack Obama could be subpoenaed to testify if he viewed the unmasked intelligence.

The unmasking fiasco just is just beginning. They weren’t just watching President Trump. They were watching everyone that could pose a threat to their regime.

That regime being owned by Soros and other globalist tyrants. It’s not something that is permissible when there is no threat to the nation. The only threat Rand Paul posed was disposing of the dictator Obama and his desired successor Hillary Clinton.

The CIA and FBI are supposed to worry about the security of the nation, not spy on people the president doesn’t like. Unless they have probable cause, everyone involved should be subpoenaed and forced to testify in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee, maybe even go through a polygraph to ensure they are telling the truth.


Source: Justice Scalia Confided In Judge Napolitano – World News Politics

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