Here’s the truth about the illegal dreamer sent back to Mexico the media is lying about

An illegal immigrant who was covered under President Obama’s DACA statute is speaking out after being deported by the Department of Homeland Security.


DHS said they caught Montes trying to scale a border fence into Calexico, Calif. from Baja, which is illegal.

He reportedly had no ID and was unable to prove his DACA status was not expired.

If a DACA recipient is to leave the country, he is supposed to inform the government.

Montes, through a lawyer, said that the border patrol is hiding some facts, saying he was having a meal with a friend in Calexico when border agents apprehended him.

He said the government later found that his DACA status was current until 2018, but that they are withholding documents which prove his case.

Democratic strategist Isaac Wright pointed out that he is the primary breadwinner for his family, while Katie Pavlich said Montes should have considered that fact before allegedly breaking the law.

Source: DHS Pushes Back on Deported DACA Recipient’s Story

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