Hooters to Hire Male Servers.. Skimpy Hot Pants?

Gender Barrier Broke at Chicken Wing Franchise?

Hoots will feature an abbreviated, one-page menu with some of the most popular items from full-service Hooters restaurants, including its classic chicken wings, in a new, scaled-down concept that’s part of the fast-casual trend, a news release said.

The initial Hoots, located in Cicero, Ill., will be 2,800 square feet, with 75 seats and a full-service bar, but will rely on counter service for both take out and dine-in customers, rather than having servers come to guests’ tables. It’s expected to open in mid-February.

One thing customers won’t be seeing at Hoots: the iconic Hooters uniform of orange shorts and tight white tank tops that helped earn the chain distinction as a “breastaurant.” Spokeswoman Lizz Harmon said that the Hoots concept will eschew the revealing outfits, and will also feature both male and female servers at the counter.

Source: Hooters opening new fast-casual concept Hoots, with male and female s

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